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Time to Play

When I taught first grade, I had a student, David, who had difficulty learning to read. He was a sweet boy who smiled at me kindly while I kept trying and failing to help him. His penmanship was stunning, though – so stunning the other children would comment almost...

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Words: Short and Sweet

I like the power of words – short and sweet, although I can go on and on when I want. My leaning towards short goes back to my childhood hanging out with my father after school. He worked alone in a Western Union office so was able to talk with me and share what he...

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Doodling Three: When Doodling Became Drawing

I’m not sure when doodling became drawing…but my mind was engaged. I was thinking about what I saw, making associations, taking leaps. Once I started doing that, I jotted down the first thoughts that came to me. This entry of words clinched it. I was drawing.

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Doodling Two: My Way In

In my pre-doodling days, I thought doing art meant meeting an external standard. Since I am a rebellious sort, this didn’t work well. I needed another way into art and found it in a surprising place – martial arts with its understanding of energy.

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Doodling One: Getting Started

You might say I am a delayed bloomer. I gave up art in fourth grade when a girl in my class drew perfect horses. I was miserable…Now, a bazillion drawings later, I am an artist who still cannot draw a perfect horse but doesn’t mind in the least.

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