“Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you” — Langston Hughes


Wingtip: Some days it’s best to be skeptical. Image: Woman with apple on her head looks at an arrow pointed towards that apple.


Wingtip: Mama don’t let your babies be puppets. Image of mother with three small children looking askance at puppeteer’s strings.

Get Up and Move

Wing Tip: You might want to get up and move. Image: Woman in an easy chair oblivious to boulder about to be pushed off a cliff on to her. Bird frantically warning her.

Crossing Fingers

Wing Tip: Wise women know crossing ones fingers does not work every day of the week.

Steer Clear

Wing Tip: Steer Clear of Calculating Swine. Image: Bicyclist avoiding pig with a calculator.

Don’t Blow Kisses

Wing Tip: Don’t blow kisses in a wind storm. Image:Person spinning around in windstorm. Kisses flying all over

Still Stinks

Wing Tip: You can turn your back but if it stinks it stinks. Image: Woman with back turned to squirting skunk.

Bull’s Eye

Wing Tip: Sometimes hitting a bull’s eye is not the best course of action.


Wing Tip. Someone needs a different perspective. Listening to the point of view of others.


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