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Introduction to Wing Tips

Introduction to Wing Tips and a little about artist Leslie Dwyer and how she got here...My name is Leslie Dwyer. I am the artist and wing tip translator of this site of drawings and tongue-in-cheek advice. The tips ask you to look at life upside down for refreshment and renewal. To steal moments from serious to laugh, ponder, and enjoy a little whimsy. Friends and family have smiled over Wing Tips in homes, hospital rooms, doctors’ offices, dinner parties, and distant airports. I would love to reach a wider audience and get your feedback. I imagine bringing these tips together in a little gift book to carry in your bag or give to your people who are celebrating, stuck, or suffering.

Along with a weekly tip, we will also have conversations about art, doodling, humor, play, imagination, creativity, and healing. I will throw in my what-say about these themes and invite guests to contribute. Please join in. And don’t forget to look for the bird in every tip.

Now, a little bit about how I got here….

Growing up in the Catskill Mountains, I spent much of my childhood traipsing around hills, woods, and streams. I was a little earth child, a cloud gazer, up-in-a-tree lunch muncher, hill watcher, and stone stepper. Then, after journeys through school, I moved to Los Angeles, a megalopolis with no clouds. I loved LA, though, with its peoples, diversity, energy, and weather. It was there I worked, loved, raised a child, and absorbed more about the world. I learned much about life, struggle, and resilience. I worked at serious things. At the same time, I began to doodle. I wondered why I was drawing so many silly little birds.

I moved to the Northwest, returning to mountains, trees, streams, and clouds. Deer, hawks, and other wildlife became part of everyday life. I figured out why I was drawing birds. They wanted into my life. When paired with my characters, they blurted out wacky bits of wisdom. I listened. Tip after tip came to life, making me smile, urging me on. And so, I have been able to bring together Wing Tips (Ha!). I love this little project and hope you do, too.


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