“Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you” — Langston Hughes


Wing Tip: If a black cloud rains in your pot, add what you’ve got and stir. Image: Black raindrops falling from a black cloud into a pot. A person pours red dots from a pitcher into the pot and stirs. Bird with chef’s hat pointing to a red dot.


Wing Tip: Desalinate tears. Grow a garden. Image: Person crying. Bird catching tears and watering a garden.

Being Used

Wing Tip: If you feel you’re being used, don’t go. Image: Cow, looking with skepticism, at person barbecuing beef.


Wingtip: Some days it’s best to be skeptical. Image: Woman with apple on her head looks at an arrow pointed towards that apple.


Wingtip: Mama don’t let your babies be puppets. Image of mother with three small children looking askance at puppeteer’s strings.

Get Up and Move

Wing Tip: You might want to get up and move. Image: Woman in an easy chair oblivious to boulder about to be pushed off a cliff on to her. Bird frantically warning her.


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